Miss fit Skinny Tea

miss fit

Now that the season of indulgence has passed we are all looking to adopt healthy habits for the New year.

Many of us intend to eat healthier to lose those Christmas bulges or just for better health and energy.

Miss Fit Skinny Tea can help you with this.

It’s blend of 9 Natural Herbal Ingredients have all been hand selected by their Nutritionist and formulated to give you the best teatox experience possible.

Best of all it tastes delicious so it won’t be difficult to keep your New Years promises to yourself!

It comes in a 14 day pack for €24.99, the gorgeous little strawberry infuser is sold separately and costs €5 or a 28 day pack costs €44.99 and comes with a free infuser.

You fill the infuser once a day and then use can reuse the same leaves throughout the day for a delicious pick me up that you know is doing you good.

We sell them instore and in our online shop – enjoy!miss fit

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